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Our company’s origins are in the staffing industry, but we now offer various HR services to help our customers grow. Every year, we help over 30,000 people find jobs. We have offices in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Spain, Poland, and Slovakia, and we also operate in Eastern Europe and the Philippines.

At Barona, we are pleased to provide a solution to the challenges faced by companies in the Nordic countries. Due to demographic changes resulting in fewer working-age people, many companies require assistance finding skilled employees to support their growth. This is where we can help. We can connect companies with talented individuals worldwide by offering international recruitment and mobility services.

This not only helps companies address talent shortages but also enables people from around the world to transform their lives. We provide international job seekers access to the Nordic region, recognized as one of the world’s best places to live and work.

We value diversity and inclusion and take pride in allowing everyone to succeed. By embracing new ideas and working together, we believe we can create a better future for companies and foreign workers in the Nordics.

Barona’s story

Barona was founded in Helsinki, Finland, in 1999. The story began with an idea two students had that summer on a construction site. The construction industry was booming in Finland then, and there was a great demand for skilled workers. This gave Markus Oksa and Mikko Leppänen the idea to use their extensive network of skilled workers to help companies find talented employees. Thus, Barona was born.

The first employees of the new company were personally escorted by Markus Oksa to their workplace by bus. In the early years, the company had offices in student residences and a garage. The company’s first major investment was a fax machine, the pinnacle of telecommunications technology at the time. We’ve come a long way since those early days. Today, we serve our clients in eleven different industries, and our services cover a wide range of needs, from recruitment to outsourcing and warehousing. We see growth opportunities and increasingly global solutions as we think about how the next chapter of our journey will be written.

We are proud of our Finnish roots and will continue to benefit from them while taking our solutions to a wider market.

Barona values

Barona’s core values ​​are part of our DNA:


Together, we will promote an equal and ethical work environment. We encourage transparent operations that support diversity and respect differences. Everyone deserves to find their place in working life. We also take on complicated issues when necessary and develop our processes. We encourage everyone to act responsibly – to go the extra mile and help someone else. Barona employees are known for their ability to take responsibility in working life.


We give people the freedom to be exactly who they are and the ability to work in the way they see fit, as long as they respect the principles we have set together. With us, you don’t have to hide the rest of your life, neither your religion, your hobbies nor who you love. We believe in people and a working life that works for them.


We encourage experimentation and tackling tasks without fear of making mistakes. We prefer to be pioneers rather than followers. We set ambitious goals and create a happier and fairer working life through them. We respect those who take responsibility and come up with creative new ideas on their own initiative by leveraging their strengths.


We create a happier working life by working together. We share our competence and expertise with our colleagues, employees and customers. We respect each other’s opinions and strive to find solutions together. We make the work we have done together visible and give thanks and celebrate successes.

Barona offices in Sweden

We operate in Sweden in seven offices:

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