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Dekorativ bild av en jobbintervju med två personer som intervjuar varandra i ett förhandlingsrum.


Work with Barona, an experienced Nordic recruitment company with state-of-the-art digital tools and quality-assured processes.

Is your company considering recruitment? Barona has been active in the recruitment industry since 1999 and has experience in various industries and countries. Over the years, where we have worked with hundreds of different clients. If you are looking for a reliable and trustworthy partner for your recruitment needs, let us help you!

Digital recruitment and tools

With us, you get access to the market’s best digital recruitment tools, including video interviews, digital reference taking, and proven personality and competence tests.

At the same time, Barona can help you strengthen your brand by creating marketing campaigns that are parallel to the recruitment process. We also have a thorough recruitment process that is adapted to your needs.

Depending on your needs, you can buy the whole recruitment process and candidate pipeline from us. You can also manage parts of the process yourself and let us handle the search or interview part of the process. We offer a smooth, flexible service and help you make the right decision.

Bild på Johanna Mix
Recruitment is our specialty. We continuously develop internal knowledge and utilize modern tools to stay updated in this dynamic industry.
Johanna Mix, CEO, Barona

Benefits of using Barona as a recruitment partner 

We adapt to your needs.

Barona offers you, as a customer, the help you need for each recruitment. It can involve both temporary and long-term solutions. Your new employee can be hired directly to your organization or as a consultant through us. We design an efficient and high-quality recruitment strategy that suits you. Feel free to consult us! 

We know the market.

It’s a candidate’s market. Nowadays, that little extra is required to stand out as an employer. Elevating your company and highlighting what sets you apart to motivate top experts and talents is crucial. A well-directed marketing campaign generates good attention and provides a fantastic opportunity to spread a positive corporate image. 

We know what you are talking about.

With Barona as a cooperation partner, you have constant contact with an area expert. The recruiters are specialized and possess in-depth knowledge and strong connections within your specific industry. We place crucial importance on understanding our clients and the needs and challenges in each case. 

Our recruitment services

Meeting your recurring recruitment needs 

In many organizations, it is necessary to continuously recruit the right skills. Barona provides recruitment services for roles in IT, industry, engineering, service and installation, HR and finance, sales, and customer service. We ensure efficient access to expertise when needed most. 

Challenging recruitment & search assignments 

The job market has drastically changed in recent years. The competition for talent means traditional ways of recruiting competent employees and managers are no longer sufficient. At Barona, we conduct IT, sales, management, and engineering search assignments. 

Large recruitment projects 

Growth, new departments, or relocation and startup of a business may require the organization to recruit many new employees successfully. At Barona, we have undertaken several major projects where the organization’s expertise or time was insufficient to handle many recruitments. 

Want to hear more about our recruitment solutions? Contact us!

Andreas Wiesel
Andreas Wiesel Sales & Business Development Director
+46 70 787 98 02