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We create flexibility with tailor-made staffing solutions. Staffing is a flexible solution that brings in exactly the extra resources you need. Staffing is an excellent solution for covering temporary needs or when you cannot hire directly.

When you want to find solutions to your temporary or long-term personnel needs, Barona’s staffing solutions is the answer. In staffing, the personnel are employed by Barona but work for you. Thanks to our vast experience in providing staffing solutions in the Nordics, we are experts in optimizing personnel resources and schedules during varying workloads.

How does staffing work? 

Staffing means that the consultant is employed by us, and we take on the full employer’s responsibility. A consultant manager at Barona becomes the employee’s closest manager and your contact person. In other words, you get help with personnel responsibility, salary administration, development, and follow-up. At Barona, we take the consultant’s well-being and development very seriously, and all employments are naturally regulated by a collective agreement. 

We usually follow up with our consultants and customers monthly, and as our ways of working are not set in stone, they are continuously evolving. Sometimes, more follow-ups are needed, and sometimes, fewer are required. 

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Network of qualified candidates

Our extensive candidate network lets us quickly find the right employees for long-term and short-term staffing needs. This means you get access to competent and reliable personnel without having to handle the hiring process. Our candidate network comprises hundreds of professionals in different industries, enabling us to quickly find the right employees for short- and long-term needs.

We interview and vet the candidates who work through us. Many of them have worked for us for a long time, and per our customers’ recommendations, we offer them new employment opportunities after the previous staffing period has ended. Employees in our staffing network enjoy working for us because we can give them new, interesting opportunities and career paths.

We match their skills and experience to the role and ensure they fit into your work environment and company culture. We take care of all personnel administration, including salaries, insurance, and other administrative tasks, giving you more time to focus on your core business. 

Benefits of using Barona as a staffing partner 

We adapt to your needs.

We always offer our customers the help they need for each recruitment, whether it’s temporary or more long-term solutions. Your company can recruit employees directly or through us. We are familiar with the most effective recruitment strategies and are happy to share our knowledge. 

Specific industry expertise.

When you turn to Barona for help, you will always have contact with an expert in your field. All our recruiters are specialized in a specific industry and have personal work experience in the area where they recruit. We place great importance on speaking our customers’ language. 

Effective marketing. 

Recruitment is an excellent way to grow your company. In many industries, fierce competition exists to attract top experts and talents. A well-targeted marketing campaign is an effective way to create attention and spread a positive image of growing and hiring new talents

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