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Recruitment, staffing, and outsourcing company in Sweden

Barona is a Nordic talent supply company operating in Sweden, Finland, Denmark, and Norway. In Sweden, we operate in various fields, such as Customer Service and support, HR and administration, Banking and finance, IT, and Technology and installation. Within all these areas, we offer recruitment and staffing services, and additionally, we provide outsourcing solutions in customer service and IT support.

We contribute to modern work life by creating flexible and valuable solutions for our clients and staff.

We have six offices in Sweden and can offer local services with a Nordic twist. If you are looking for growth in Sweden or the Nordics, we can be your trusted partner in growth.

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Jobs in Sweden

We at Barona are one of Scandinavia’s leading recruitment and relocation companies. Each year, we help thousands of people find jobs in Finland, Sweden, Norway, and Denmark.

We offer jobs in many industries, such as healthcare jobs, customer service, finance, and IT jobs, and we have dozens of different positions!

Find your dream job now and start working in the Nordics!


Barona’s recruitment process is tailored to your needs. We offer smooth and flexible service to help you make the right decisions. 


Through Barona’s extensive candidate network, we can quickly find the right employees for both long-term and short-term needs. 


Barona’s comprehensive outsourcing services make your business more flexible and cost-effective. You focus on your core business while we take care of what we do best.

Digital Training 

Maximize development and efficiency with flexible, digital training through Barona. 


Consultation & additional services – customized solutions for your success.

International Recruitment 

With over ten years of experience in international recruitment, we create sustainable solutions to meet local skill shortages.