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Whistleblowing procedure

Barona Sweden has a whistleblower system as part of acting responsibly in working life. The system can be used to report misconduct or other incidents related to Barona. 

The Whistleblower Act provides far-reaching protection for people who report wrongdoing. The protection applies to those who report such misconduct as there is a public interest in their reports. 

We encourage everyone to report such misconduct or incidents and all reports are taken seriously and handled confidentially. 

Reports are made via the Rego Whistleblowing channel, which is part of the Barona group’s company Qreform. The same channel is used throughout the group. 

The data provider decides for himself whether he wishes to remain anonymous or not. However, Barona Sweden may require you to provide your identity. There is also the option to submit a verbal notification by ticking that option at the bottom of the form. 

The reports are processed by designated persons who are authorized to receive and follow up on the reported. These persons will confirm receipt within 7 days and then initiate the necessary investigations. Within 90 days, the whistleblower will receive notice of action or planned action. 

Report a violation

If you want to report a violation of any kind please click on the call to action below and fill in the form.

If you want to report a violation externally to an authorized authority please CLICK HERE to see which authority you should contact.