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Optimized personnel consulting solutions for your business

Barona offers tailor-made solutions that help our partners find the best personnel to strengthen their business operations and achieve their goals. We understand that each company has unique needs and requirements regarding recruitment and personnel management. Therefore, we provide customized consulting services tailored to your specific needs. We work closely with you to understand your business, its culture, and the important attributes for successfully integrating new employees. 

Our experienced team of consultants is an expert in personnel solutions and has extensive knowledge of various industries and roles. Together, we can evaluate different solutions and customize your unique recipe for success. Using advanced selection and assessment methods, we then carefully identify candidates who match your specific requirements and expectations. 

We offer a wide range of consulting services that can assist you throughout the recruitment process, from defining your organization’s needs and creating an effective job advertisement to conducting interviews, evaluating candidates, and supporting decision-making. We can also help you design a successful onboarding process to ensure new employees can quickly adapt to their new roles and work environment. 

As your partner, our primary goal is to help you find the most competent and suitable employees who can contribute to your organization’s success. We strive to build long-term partnerships and be a reliable resource for your competency needs. 

Benefits of Using Barona as a Personnel Consulting Partner

We Adapt to Your Needs 

We always offer our customers the help they need for every recruitment, whether for temporary or long-term solutions. Employees can either be recruited directly to you or be employed through us. We are well-versed in the most effective recruitment strategies and are happy to share our knowledge. 

Effective Marketing 

Recruitment is a great way to showcase your company. There is tough competition in many industries to attract top experts and talents. A targeted marketing campaign is an effective way to create awareness spread a positive image of growth, and hiring new talents. 

Specific Industry Expertise 

When you seek help from Barona, you will always have contact with an expert in your field. All our recruiters specialize in a specific industry and have personal work experience in the area they recruit for. We place great importance on speaking the language of our clients. 

Contact us to learn more about our personnel consulting services

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Andreas Wiesel Sales & Business Development Director
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