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Our IT operations consist of two focal areas – solutions for technical support, which involves creating the best customer experience in technical assistance, and Northstar Talent, where we help you find the best IT specialists for your projects and development work. This year, Barona IT employs 1000 specialists in the Nordic region.

Digitizing your business is a necessity to maintain competitiveness. Moving from vision to profitable ventures requires bold experts who dare to express their ideas and test new solutions. The most skilled individuals in IT are highly sought after in the market, and it is our task to locate and deliver them to you. Whether you require recruitment, staffing, or service desk services, we are your partner in competency provisioning.

Solutions for Technical Support

The ability to maintain existing environments and provide user support for applications and workstations is crucial. We utilize digital solutions in conjunction with our experience in recruitment and staffing to create a network of IT resources that ensure these pivotal processes always run smoothly.

When delivering our services, we combine our solutions, ranging from staffing and recruitment, along with our digital solutions to service centers across Europe. The aim is a tailored solution for each customer. Our mission is to optimize the customer experience without compromising productivity.

Northstar Talent – IT Staffing in the Nordics

Northstar Talent identifies the best talents for your digitalization projects or ongoing development needs. Truly excellent and competent IT specialists are often the target audience that our clients find most challenging to recruit due to the prevailing shortage of IT expertise. Through our Northstar Talent concept, we can locate the competence you are seeking through local and/or international recruitment. Northstar Talent is a part of Barona.

Our Northstar team comprises experienced Tech recruiters with extensive experience handling local as well as international assignments from our offices in Denmark, Sweden, Finland, and Estonia. NorthStar’s versatile IT recruitment services help companies of all sizes find tech talent and fight talent shortages.Northstar Talent helps you unlock growth and scale by finding the tech professionals you need, long-term or short-term.

Working with Barona

  1. Flexible solutions allow you to focus on your core business.
    With Barona, you are not locked into a specific solution. When your strategy changes, you can switch between different delivery models over time. We will help you find the right solution to benefit your business.
  2. Market experience
    We have solid expertise in different markets and areas and diverse experience with different types of customers. The starting point for every project is to map the current business situation and create development plans.
  3. Cost-effective solutions
    Working with Barona makes costs transparent, clear, and predictable. Through our staffing and outsourcing services, even significant fluctuations in demand and seasonal changes can be managed without raising unit costs.
  4. Customer-focused partnerships
    Trust and innovation are the basic prerequisites of our outsourcing business. Building strong, long-term customer relationships allows us to continuously develop and offer the same to new customers. We’ve set up various development forums and made them part of our daily operations.
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