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This page lists our open English language jobs in Sweden. Our job selection changes quite frequently, so remember to check in occasionally. If you can’t find an open job that fits your needs, you can always fill out an open application, and our recruiters will contact you when a suitable position comes up.

If you are interested in working in Finland, Denmark, or Norway, visit our international website to find our most up-to-date international Nordic job listing.

Working in Sweden

In Sweden, work-life balance and flexibility are important. International talent is valued, and workplaces emphasize collaboration and equality. Punctuality is highly regarded, and inclusiveness and diversity are key principles in Swedish workplaces.

International talent is a vital part of the Swedish workforce. Some estimates say they comprise about 10% of the Swedish workforce. Because more skilled workers are needed in some industries in Sweden, foreign workers are needed in different jobs. The Swedish government has put in place several plans to bring talented people from other countries to Sweden.

Working for Barona

Barona is a Nordic staffing and recruitment company that operates in all of the Scandinavian countries. We originate from Finland and there we are one of Finland’s largest employers. We offer exciting opportunities and different ways of working. You canstay with us, depending on your taste, in small spurts now and then or for decades at a time. We support people at various stages of working life – we find jobs for more than 30,000 people every year.

What do we offer you?

Good opportunities to work and network
Lots of jobs, in many different fields, in Sweden and abroad, in small companies and giants. What kind of environment would you like to work in?

Personal coaching
What do you want to do now and what in five years? If you want, you can get personal career coaching and sparring, which helps you make your working life look your own.

Trainings and events
We organize many kinds of trainings and events for both work and entertainment. Develop, network and enjoy!

Comprehensive occupational health care
As a Barona employee, you are, of course, entitled to comprehensive occupational health care services.