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We provide tailored solutions to meet your specific needs in the service and installation sector. With our expertise and industry experience, we can help you optimize your operations and ensure efficiency and quality. You need the right person in the right position to get your company on the growth track. The best individuals are hard to find in today’s job market. Posting a job advertisement and waiting for the candidates to roll in is no longer enough.

Recruiting the right expertise requires skill, as you must know where to find the right candidates and how to capture their interest. Today’s candidates often have many offers and find employers easily. They demand challenging roles, compensation aligning with their talent, and growth opportunities. Our job is to deliver the candidates to you — from Sweden or internationally, depending on where the right expertise can be attracted.

Experts in Technical Staffing and Recruitment

We are future-oriented “doers,” experts, and problem solvers. Our recruitment expertise lies in finding candidates who combine creativity with logic and technical skills – the traits of the best talents. Our specialized recruitment team, driven by challenges, uses targeted marketing and leaves nothing to chance when seeking the right talent for your company.

With the right attitude, no challenge is too great. Barona is an international partner with 20 years of experience in various recruitment projects within engineering and installation. Our specialized team works to find the best candidates for each specific role: technical support, maintenance, or installation. We have a thorough recruitment process that assesses technical skills, personal qualities, and work ethic.

We understand that a single misalignment in recruitment or understaffing can significantly affect a business. Therefore, we focus on finding the right people for your operations to offer a long-term solution.

Working with Barona

  1. Flexible solutions allow you to focus on your core business.
    With Barona, you are not locked into a specific solution. When your strategy changes, you can switch between different delivery models over time. We will help you find the right solution to benefit your business.
  2. Market experience
    We have solid expertise in different markets and areas and diverse experience with different types of customers. The starting point for every project is to map the current business situation and create development plans.
  3. Cost-effective solutions
    Working with Barona makes costs transparent, clear, and predictable. Through our staffing and outsourcing services, even significant fluctuations in demand and seasonal changes can be managed without raising unit costs.
  4. Customer-focused partnerships
    Trust and innovation are the basic prerequisites of our outsourcing business. Building strong, long-term customer relationships allows us to continuously develop and offer the same to new customers. We’ve set up various development forums and made them part of our daily operations.
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Andreas Wiesel Sales & Business Development Director
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