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Are you looking for an HR Generalist, HR Business Partner, People and culture Manager, Administrator, or Recruiter? The core of our work is to find the best HR and administration experts for the needs of our client companies.

We know where to find the best applicants and how to attract them:

Whether your needs are big or small, we find the HR experts you need, we supplement your organization’s expert resourcing, and we offer the recruitment service solutions you need. We carry out the recruitment processes with high quality and on time, positively strengthening the client’s employer image and valuing the applicant experience.

We also offer more comprehensive recruitment service solutions, such as recruitment outsourcing. Whether you require assistance in hiring a new employee or reinforcing your team for a limited period, we can offer a solution that suits your needs.

We connect you with an HR candidate with the appropriate expertise that aligns with your company culture. With our assistance, you will find the right HR expertise, whether you’re seeking an expert, a manager, or a specific skill set for your team. We apply a comprehensive competency-based methodology. Through our flexible, unbiased, and data-driven recruitment and staffing process, we can swiftly and efficiently identify qualified personnel for your unique requirements.

Working with Barona

  1. Flexible solutions allow you to focus on your core business.
    With Barona, you are not locked into a specific solution. When your strategy changes, you can switch between different delivery models over time. We will help you find the right solution to benefit your business.
  2. Market experience
    We have solid expertise in different markets and areas and diverse experience with different types of customers. The starting point for every project is to map the current business situation and create development plans.
  3. Cost-effective solutions
    Working with Barona makes costs transparent, clear, and predictable. Through our staffing and outsourcing services, even significant fluctuations in demand and seasonal changes can be managed without raising unit costs.
  4. Customer-focused partnerships
    Trust and innovation are the basic prerequisites of our outsourcing business. Building strong, long-term customer relationships allows us to continuously develop and offer the same to new customers. We’ve set up various development forums and made them part of our daily operations.
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Want to talk about HR & Administration personnel solutions? Contact us!

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Andreas Wiesel Sales & Business Development Director
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