Barona -

Experts within Recruitment and Staffing

Barona offers recruitment staffing and outsourcing services. Barona is a recruitment and staffing company. We offer outsourcing of customer service and we use the latest technology to create effective and profitable partnerships. As an authorized recruitment and staffing company, we help people and organizations to grow through our services within recruitment, staffing and outsourcing. We operate in a number of different business areas and industries in both the White Collar and Blue Collar segments. Our strategy is simple: to create flexible solutions for our customers’ needs and challenges. Our success is based on dedicated colleagues in each business area who understand the customer’s market and know what it takes to succeed. In Sweden, we have offices in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö, Falun and Strömsund and deliver solutions to companies and organizations across the country. Our ambition is to continue to grow and challenge to become a market-leading player in the Nordic region without loosing our entrepreneurial culture or knowledge of the market.

Barona’s purpose is REINVENTING WORKING LIFE, which means that we strive to create a better working life where the individual’s abilities are utilized with the support of technology and development. We live up to that by offering our customers a partnership where we challenge and support the customer where they are and based on where they are going. We are passionate about finding the right person for the right place because it helps our employees get exciting opportunities and development, at all stages of their careers. With the customer in the center, we tailor efficient solutions through our expertise, digital platforms and new technology.

Digitization and AI to solve staffing needs

The rapid development in digitization, artificial intelligence and robotics will change our jobs and the way we work today. In a changing world, the right attitude and ability will be crucial to keep up with the market. We can proudly say that our employees are pioneering and future-oriented problem solvers who are not afraid of hard work. We take on new challenges in a creative way by taking advantage of the latest technology. Our digital development department has paved the way for several innovations that make it easier to both apply for and perform jobs.

Our story

Barona was founded in 1999 in Helsinki, Finland. It all started with an idea that two students from Oulu in Finland got that summer when they were working on a construction site. Over the years, Barona has developed into an international and market-leading organization whose services cover a wide range of staffing needs, from recruitment, staffing and interim services to outstanding outsourcing solutions, both onshore and nearshore.