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How to write a creative resume?

A recruiter rarely receives hundreds of applications for the same service, which can make it difficult to stand out and get attention. In a creative resume you have the opportunity to use your creative ability freely and create a job application that catches the recruiter’s attention. This type of resume fits well when you apply to an industry that gives you the opportunity to exemplify your knowledge through the application itself – as a resume and a work sample combined.

The most important thing here is to read the industry you want to work in and adapt your application according to it. For professions in graphic design and design construction the employer will most probably expect a creative application, while other industries have not come as far yet. Here you have to be careful so that eve the application does not end up in the trash immediately because the recruiter thinks it is too out of the box. Try to use any talent you have and niche it against the service you are looking for. Being creative and thinking outside the box may sound like a cliché, but these are qualities the employer is looking for. Instead of using empty words that everyone else does, you have the opportunity to show it through a creative resume.

Paper format

In today’s digital world, not much is still sent by traditional mail. One way to stand out may therefore be to go against the stream and send your application documents by mail to the recruiter. Here there is the opportunity to be creative and use more senses than just the eyes. The recipient of the letter has the opportunity to make an impression using several different senses: sight, hearing, feeling and smell. Use your creativity and think how you can make a good first impression and with the help of these four senses show your personality and make the recruiter understand why you are the best suited for the job you are applying for.

Visual effects

This is basically what a recruiter expects if you are looking for a job in graphic design or design construction. If you are a good graphic designer and master programs like InDesign, you have the opportunity to stand put by making your resume cool and unique visually. Even in other industries, a nice layout on a resume can stand out and catch the recruiter’s attention. However, it is important that the other content also is good.


In marketing, visual material – both images and moving material – has become increasingly important, as we often easier receive a message through a video than though a text. An idea might therefore be to record a movie where you can present yourself and your skills. Here, too there is plenty of room to use your creativity. A video can also be more easily spread on social media and you can ask friends and acquaintances to spread your application video. There are some people who have had successful social media campaigns and been hired. One of them is William Sjögren Gomez who made this movie:


Another person who has received media attention is Karl Lehman, who rapped his resume and filmed it. The clip was spread on social media and he got to participate in the Swedish program TV4 News Morning and talked about his job search campaign. By using talent that would otherwise probably not result in a job in marketing and sales, he demonstrates creativity and originality – two skills that are attractive to many employers. Karl got a lot of job offers and was able to find his dream job: Karl Lehmann


Another modern way of applying for a job is by making a website containing their resume. In this way, it is always available and it is also searchable. You can easily spread the link to the website in different channels and thus also promote yourself. Here, however, it is important that you can stand behind what you write in the resume because everyone can access it and see the content. Take inspiration from Robby Leonardi’s interactive resume like Nintento’s Super Mario.


There are large groups on Facebook where you can post advertisements as employers but also as job seekers. Here are many simpler jobs advertised where you often do not need long training or years of experience. It can be for various events where it is basically first come first served. Many find jobs this way so it may be worth trying.


Twitter is also a channel you can use if you want the attention of a company or person. By tagging people or using hashtags, you can get in touch with the right people and spread the message – for example, looking for a job. A hashtag that is extensively used in Sweden is #nyttjobb (#newjob). Many companies that are on Twitter are active and are sure to answer tweets where they are mentioned or that affect them. By using relevance and humor, you can easily get the spread and thus capture the desired company attention.


French art director Baptiste Chatellier made his own skateboard in wood and then engraved his resume on it. He filmed the entire process and spread it in different channels. He could not distribute the resume itself – but the campaign created a lot of publicity and Baptiste managed to find a job.


The social media Snapchat has hit a big mark and companies are now starting to use it as a new channel for marketing. You can often follow the companies and on their Story get an insight into their everyday lives. Some compaies even let the followers send messages and pictures to them. The fact that companies use Snapchat for employer branding is still relatively untapped, but many believe that companies’ use of Snapchat will increade. Why not use Snapchat as a job seeker and promote yourself to companies?


For some years now, many have talked about the fact that neither education nor experience matters when it comes to job seekers – without contacts being everything that matters. Having a wide network and, above all, making use of it is of course something that can make it easeier. A contact may not result in a job directly, but may make valuble recommendations. Also, do not be afraid to ask for help – us humans fell good about feeling needed and helping others.

Additional examples and inspiration for your creative resume:

• If you are looking for a job in the restaurant industry – design your resume as a menu.
• Are you looking for a job in finance or accounting – why not do a resume in Excel to show your outstanding knowledge in that program?
• If you are looking for work in the food industry – design your resume as a table of contents on a package of spaghetti where you describe your relevant characteristics and experiences.
• If you are a journalist – write about yourself in a repotage, article or interview.
• Make a cartoon about your life and your experiences.
• If you want to work in fashion or with clothing – embroider your resume on a piece of fabric or print a t-shirt with your resume on it.
• Are you a star on PowerPoint – use it!

With a creative resume, you can come a long way and land your dream job – focus on your strenghts and how you can use them to attract an employer in your industry.