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Image of two persons preparing their CVs in front of their laptops


A Space for Growth 

Do you want someone to simplify things for you? Smooth out obstacles on the path to growth? 

When you want a strong and effective partner, Barona is the solution. We make your world more predictable, the complex simple, and erase the barriers to growth from history. We ensure that your company is not hindered by seasonal fluctuations. 

Your company is meant to grow. Together, we look far ahead, dream boldly, and set ambitious goals. When it’s time to take action, we truly act. We build a world with technology and courage, where everyone has more freedom to grow on their own terms. 

Image of a globe with the text "Nordic partner" on top. Shows that Barona offers staffing in all the Nordic countries.

What do we believe in? 

  1. Humanity 
    Companies do not perform commendable actions; it’s people who do. We believe that the human is a timeless superpower. We promote the uniqueness of each individual and cherish the incredible impact that lies within all of us. 
  2. Technology 
    When technology and data meet the human, we face something great. Instead of just stopping and admiring, we want to explore, experiment, and create something new from this combination. Together with our clients, we build innovative services and platforms that solve growth challenges. 
  3. Courage 
    We have always believed that it’s the brave who act and succeed. We lead our clients to the threshold of courage and entice them to step over it. Courage is about openness, collaboration, and shared responsibility. 

How do you want to grow? 


Barona’s recruitment process is tailored to your needs. We offer smooth and flexible services and help you make the right decisions. 


Through Barona’s extensive candidate network, we can quickly find the right employees for both long-term and short-term needs. 


Barona’s comprehensive outsourcing commitment makes your business more flexible and cost-effective. You focus on your core business while we take care of what we do best. 

Digital Training 

Maximize development and efficiency with flexible, digital training through Barona. 


Consultation & additional services – customized solutions for your success. 

International Recruitment 

With over ten years of experience in international recruitment, we create sustainable alternatives to meet the local competence shortage.