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Your Partner for Staffing in Healthcare

We are here to assist you in staffing your unit with engaged, competent, and reliable healthcare personnel when you need it the most. Through collaborations with regions, municipalities, and private healthcare providers across Sweden, we have established ourselves as a trustworthy partner in healthcare and nursing staffing.

Barona offers customized staffing solutions for both shorter and longer assignments. With our experienced staff, we can help you staff according to your specific needs. At Barona, we take on the full employer responsibility throughout the assignment, while you, as a collaborating partner, have the complete freedom to define tasks and scope. You also have the option to select from our available employees to ensure the right expertise and interpersonal dynamics.


Our carefully recruited nurses are competent, experienced, and accustomed to working independently. They are active in various areas such as elderly care, home healthcare, emergency and surgery, pediatrics, geriatrics, and psychiatry. We can also provide district nurses and specialized nurses in various fields

Physiotherapists & Physical Therapists

Our physiotherapists and physical therapists are carefully recruited and have extensive experience in their roles. They work with children, youth, and adults to prevent and treat activity limitations. Their work is person-centered and aims to improve the quality of life for patients.

Occupational Therapists

Our occupational therapists are skilled and flexible within their areas of expertise. They work with person- and family-centered methods and have experience in preventing and treating activity limitations and disabilities in children, youth, and adults.


Our doctors are well-educated and experienced in their roles. We have general practitioners as well as specialists in areas such as general medicine, psychiatry, anesthesia, and emergency and surgery. All our doctors are meticulously selected to provide high-quality care and independent work.

Healthcare Assistants

Our healthcare assistants are experienced and competent in their work. They work in municipalities, regions, and private healthcare companies, collaborating closely with nurses and doctors to ensure high-quality care and nursing.

Psychology Services

Our psychologists are meticulously selected to offer professional and high-quality care. They are competent, experienced, and accustomed to working independently to meet patients’ psychological needs.

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Katja Löfström
Katja Löfström Client & Solutions Manager, Social and Healthcare Services
+46 70 731 70 57


Ayse Köseoglu
Ayse Köseoglu Senior konsultchef
+46 76 050 73 00


Barona’s recruitment process is tailored to your needs. We offer smooth and flexible service to help you make the right decisions. 


Through Barona’s extensive candidate network, we can quickly find the right employees for both long-term and short-term needs. 


Barona’s comprehensive outsourcing services make your business more flexible and cost-effective. You focus on your core business while we take care of what we do best.

Digital Training 

Maximize development and efficiency with flexible, digital training through Barona. 


Consultation & additional services – customized solutions for your success.

International Recruitment 

With over ten years of experience in international recruitment, we create sustainable solutions to meet local skill shortages.