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The world needs breakthroughs. People who see opportunities, who develop new solutions and who want to make a career. Most of all, the world needs those who have the ability to move from idea to result. If these people come together in unison, they can change the world. Through new and innovative solutions for the recruitment and staffing industry, we can ensure that these people will not be without a job.

HR-partner for development and growth

We have reformed working life for 20 years. With over 700 experts, we help people and businesses grow. Our services include: recruitment, hiring, work capacity services, outsourcing solutions and marketing services for applicants. Our activities are governed by freedom, responsibility, courage and cooperation.

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Long experience from different industries

When you take the help of Barona you will always have contact with an expert in your area. This guarantee has always been the guiding principle of Barona’s service concept.

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