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Sustainable Solutions to Meet Local Labor Shortages

With the whole world as your office, there is ample room for big decisions and bold initiatives. We can become your partner and provide you with international employees or find the best local talents. With the right skills, daring attitude, and tools, neither borders nor continents pose any obstacles to achieving success. 

We have developed top-notch digital tools to make geographic location secondary in the recruitment process. The recruitment process is quick and smooth, thanks to video interviews integrated into our recruitment platform. With offices in Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Poland, Estonia, and Spain, we are well acquainted with the local work culture in each country. 

Advantages of Barona’s International Recruitment 

With over ten years of experience in international recruitment, we enhance the competitiveness of Nordic companies and offer sustainable alternatives to address local labor and skill shortages. We are a partner that operates seamlessly in the international job market. 

Global Understanding of the Labor Market 

We are familiar with the international labor market, and our cultural expertise is strong. We direct our searches to areas and countries where industry experts are available. Knowledge is becoming increasingly fragmented across geographic regions, and a deep cultural understanding is key to adapting to factors in the new job and home country. 

Process Competence Ensures Smooth Recruitment 

We have a proven process that enables us to identify the right talents and streamline the entire recruitment process, allowing both employees and employers to focus on their jobs and core activities. 

We also offer comprehensive relocation services. 

Transparency, High Quality, and Reliability 

We have a carefully selected and reliable international partner network to support our local operations. We are committed to following the regulations in the international recruitment process required by industry authorities and always ensure our ethical conduct. Our process documentation and implementation are transparent and sustainable. 

Examples of Our International Recruitment Services 

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Demanding Individual Recruitments 

When you need new expertise that is not available locally, we can help you identify your attractiveness factors and knowledge profile, which will guide the international recruitment process to the right area and work together to find the right talent for your business. 

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Ensuring Growth When Local Applicants Decrease 

Finding talent in the local market is not always straightforward. Finding knowledge alone does not guarantee success; one must also be aware of motivation and cultural factors when selecting the country of origin. 

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Long-term Preparation for Future Growth 

As growth continues, preparing to recruit experts from outside Sweden is essential. Controlled reception of international factors requires foresight and the courage to look beyond – to future needs. Additionally, scheduling new recruitments for optimal integration and orientation is a good idea.