When the world is your office, there is plenty of room for good decisions and daring action. We are your partner, whether you want to find workers internationally or hire local top talent. With the right expertise, boldness and tools, countries or even continents pose no limits to success.

In order to make location a secondary factor in recruitment we have developed first-class digital tools. International recruitment processes can move along smoothly with the help of the video interview tool integrated into our recruitment system. We have offices in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Poland and Russia, and we know where to find the finest local talent. We are experienced in the best marketing channels and we know the local work culture.

A Complete Guide to Cross-Border Recruitment

Download this guide and learn how to find, attract and hire talents from outside the Nordic region. This guide will help you to succeed in your first cross-border recruitment or improve your existing process.

A Complete guide to cross-border recruitment

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