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Digitalization is challenging not only for companies but also for processes and individuals. Digitalization affects working methods and creates new business opportunities. Digitalization is so much more than new technological solutions and products.

Technology is needed to support and enable innovation and working methods but understanding what processes that can or should be streamlined and changed together with the right resources to implement, is crucial. In this constantly moving market, it is difficult to know which investments are right.

A new type of digital workforce is here. The digital workforce performs tasks previously performed by people; some tasks are fully automated, in other cases only heavy tasks are automated.

Johanna Mix
CEO, Barona Sweden
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Flexibility and low risk with resourcing and technology supplied by Barona

When developing a new service or system, knowledgeable specialists are needed, sometimes only periodically during the project. With our help, you can add the right resources needed and during the period you wish. If you find that the expertise is needed on a regular basis and also becomes a strategic asset in the company, you can choose to recruit the resources and thus avoid the lack of skills in a competitive situation and market. In addition to this flexibility, Barona can offer streamlining of your business with the help of our own technology, without heavy investments.

At Barona, we have a team of over 30 digital developers who focus solely on finding new smart solutions to streamline resourcing and recruitment processes. We have developed several customized solutions to optimize performance, efficiency and profitability. In a nutshell, it is about finding the right person for the right place, streamlining work methods and developing good tools.

Some of the digital tools we have developed now function as commercial services. We have also developed a reporting tool for HR, a follow-up tool for sales and a tool for analysis and evaluation of work ability. These are just a few examples of the solutions we have developed over the years to meet the needs of our customers.


With the help of artificial intelligence, you can streamline recruitment and find the right staff for your needs. Jelpp has been developed in collaboration with Barona’s recruitment specialists.

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