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Our IT business sector consists of two focus areas – technical support solutions, which are about creating the best customer experience in technical support, and Digital Talent solutions, where we help you find the best IT specialists for your projects and your development work. This year, Barona IT employs 1000 specialists in the Nordic region.

Digitizing the business is a must in order to be competitive in the future. Going from vision to profitable business requires experts who dare to express their ideas, test new solutions and question status quo. The best in the field are highly sought after in the market and it is our job to deliver them to you. We help you with different kinds of skills supply, recruitment and outsourcing services, using digital solutions.

With the right attitude, no challenge is too great and those who will do best in the future are those who daily exceed expectations, who take on challenges and find new ways when they reach a dead end. With us you will find this kind of IT pioneers. 

Solutions for technical support
The ability to maintain existing environments and provide user support for applications and workstations is crucial. We use digital solutions in combination with our experience in recruitmentstaffing and outsourcing to create a network of IT resources that ensure that these central processes always work smoothly. 

When we provide our services, we combine our solutions ranging from staffing and recruitment in combination with our digital solutions to service centers in Europe. The goal is a customized solution for each customer. Our job is to optimize the customer experience without compromising productivity. 

Digital talents 
We find the best talents for your digitalization projects or ongoing development needs. Really good and competent IT resources are usually the most difficult for our customers to find because of shortage of experts and specialists. Through our wide network and deep focus in the IT area, we can help you find the skills you need for your projects and development work. We also invest in international recruitment to help our clients find the best IT talent. We can find experts or help staff entire groups and departments. We offer competence supply in the format that works best for you with the help of our digital solutions. What can we do for you?

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